XB Exhaust Shootout Test Report

1125 Exhaust Shootout Test Report Text

1125 Exhaust Shootout Test Report Audio

The XB and 1125  Exhaust Shootout Test reports above are WinZip archives, so you may need an application to unzip them depending upon your computer operating system and configuration.

The XB Exhaust Shootout Test Report is self contained, all audio, text, and pictures are contained in the single zip.

The 1125 Exhaust Shootout Test Report is divided into 2 archives to manage download size.  The Text archive has the test report, with all the pictures, tables,  dyno graphs, and raw Excel data contained therein. The Audio Archive has the sound files and JPG's of the waveforms. Both are standalone, you don't NEED to download one to use the other.

You will need a PDF viewer to view the text files. You will need an MP3 player to play the audio files. The raw data for the 1125 shootout is in the archive as an Excel Workbook.  You don't need to open that Excel data to see most of the graphs, but if you want to manipulate which plots are overlaid, you will need Excel.

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