All things have their time, and American Sport Bike’s ride has now ended. ASB has served the Buell community since 1994, and Joanne and I have been blessed to have helped thousands of Buellers worldwide since 2003. We are sad to go, but it is the right time.

We know that Buell motorcycles are both worthy and unique motorcycles and hope that no one abandons the marque because of our demise. We realize that parts support (especially OEM parts support), is key to an enjoyable ownership experience. To that end, OUR OEM parts supplier for many years, St. Paul Harley Davidson & Buell, is ready to pick up the flag and support Buell owners worldwide. Lance Kugler, the parts manager at St. Paul HD/Buell, is himself an avid Bueller and knows the motorcycles and their parts fitment well. He has been actively supporting the marque via Ebay, E-mail, and phone orders for many years. He has assured us that he is ready to supply all the parts that we have provided and more, and will even hire as necessary to keep Buell owners supported. St. Paul doesn’t have an ordering web site at this time, so for the near future, orders will need to be via email and/or phone. St. Paul’s eBay username is 651Lance. Their main line for the phone calls is 651-738-2168. E-mails should go directly to Lance’s email address: .

If you are looking for local (i.e., Southern California) Buell SERVICE support, we recommend contacting Moto Enthusiasts in Vista. See their website here: Moto Enthusiasts Home page.

Joanne and I would like to thank all of you for the support that you’ve given us over the years. We firmly believe that our customer base of unique, passionate Buell enthusiasts are truly the best in the world, and we have been privileged to serve you over the years. We’ll still be out there to help, just not as part of an independent web shop. Keep the faith; and cherish every ride on these amazing machines.

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